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With a backyard golfing green from Pavers And Turf, you can improve your golfing skills while also increasing the value of your property!


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Our low-cost greens are composed of either artificial turf, the best synthetic golf surface available. Make a stunning putting green for the properties of Livermore, CA with chipping areas, bunkers, and water features so you can practise your favourite sport without having to leave your yard. With a skilled, turnkey installation, Pavers And Turf custom designs each golfing green to complement your backyard setting at Livermore, CA. We can easily provide you comprehensive renovation packages while we build your backyard golfing green. When you deal with Pavers And Turf to build your golf green, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service. We are confident that you will like your custom-designed golfing green. It will undoubtedly make all of your golfing pals envious.  The surface type is one of the most essential considerations when building a golfing green. Despite its significant upkeep needs, many people enjoy natural grass. Pavers And Turf artificial putting greens, on the other hand, are great for golfing greens and fit in seamlessly with your existing grass. Some of the turfs are so close to real grass that some customers have chosen to replace their lawn with Pavers And Turf synthetic turf!

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With backyard putting green you can enhance your golfing abilities while simultaneously enhancing the value of your home. Our low-cost greens are made of artificial grass, which is the greatest synthetic golf surface on the market.

The decision between turf and genuine grass is a personal one, and your Pavers And Turf will walk you through all of your alternatives so you may make the best decision possible. Customers that use Pavers And Turf synthetic turfs like how low-maintenance they are and how attractive they are. Another significant advantage of grass is that it is available at a range of game speeds to accommodate various playing styles.

Our friendly and professional team will explain all of your options and assist you in making the right decision for you. Pavers And Turf also provides us with artificial fringe grass that we can place around your putting green with a chipping collar that is durable, visually beautiful, and performs well. All day long, practise your flop shots and chip-ins on a surface that can keep up with your dedication to perfection. These chipping regions are, as always, tailored to your tastes. The sorts of chipping locations we can give are virtually limitless. Construct a sand bunker in your garden. Install a beautiful pond to provide a water hazard while also boosting the aesthetics of your garden.

Pavers And Turf can also construct remote chipping areas, allowing you to lob shots across sidewalks or from your patio deck. These may be created by either altering the natural grass or giving you a tailored turf that is trimmed to your exact specifications. Pavers And Turf turf is meant to coexist peacefully with your grass, and you can essentially create as large a chipping collar or chipping area as you like. To learn more about the incredible Pavers And Turf product and to see whether it’s the appropriate match for your backyard, contact us now!

Pavers And Turf is ready to help you beyond the installation phase with complete maintenance services that will maintain your putting green in tip-top form so you can enjoy your new backyard showpiece. Simply give us a call if you need a putting green inspection, patchwork on damaged parts, or want to push yourself with a more challenging putting green layout.

Commercial property owners can also benefit from our services! If you have a driving range, an indoor golf complex, or even a mini-putt range that needs to be serviced, give us a call now.

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A representative from Pavers And Turf will come out and inspect the work that needs to be done, as well as give recommendations for refurbishing, repairing, or restoring any damaged greens.