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A backyard putting green is the perfect solution for golf enthusiasts, or perhaps you want to practice your shots right at home. Since more than 30 years, we have installed putting greens in Dublin.


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Putting greens are one of the most beautiful features that we can install in your Dublin property. It’s incredible to just walk into your backyard, pick up your putter, and enjoy a perfectly maintained putting green. Our affordable artificial grass putting greens provide golfers with the dream of having a putting green in their backyard. Installation of an artificial putting green would eliminate the need to maintain a typical sod putting green.

Play mini golf, create an exciting backyard retreat for your family, or simply enjoy the outdoors with an artificial putting green. It is beneficial to homeowners as well as professional golfers to install artificial putting greens. It is difficult to maintain traditional putting greens. For them to look healthy and remain green all the time, they need to be watered, mowed, and fertilized. Artificial turf makes putting greens more eco-friendly because it uses less water. A putting green made from artificial turf is easier to operate. If you want to practice golf at home, setting up an artificial putting green is the best option. Putting greens made of artificial materials are very realistic. Our warehouse is a great place to see all of the putting options we offer if you’re not sure.

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In addition to improving your golfing skills, a backyard putting green can increase the value of your home. In addition to our low-cost greens, we also offer our finest synthetic golf surface, which is artificial grass.

In comparison to genuine putting greens, residential putting greens that are professionally designed and constructed provide a similar experience. Our putting greens can be built in a basement activity room, man cave, in the backyard or anywhere else in or near your home. We offer a wide variety of professional putting green products that can be used indoors and outdoors. In order to better mimic a professional putting green, we may choose to provide a taller green pile for the green’s fringes and a shorter green pile for the green’s central part.

Golf putting greens installed by us blend seamlessly with your existing lawn and are ideal for golfing greens. Many customers choose synthetic turf to replace their lawns because it looks so close to real grass. In addition to extensive training, our team of experts is experienced in installing putting greens on all types of terrain. You can have a beautiful putting green no matter what size your backyard is. The first time, we get it right, which means you’ll need very little maintenance. We’ll handle the rest.

Pavers And Turf can help you install a putting green in your backyard. We provide the highest quality artificial putting green turf. Our turfs are natural-looking, durable, and strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Our team makes sure that the installation is done correctly and the ground looks gorgeous. Ideally, it should complement the appearance of your property and enhance your outdoor enjoyment. Not only can kids and pets play on the putting green, but also golfers. The artificial putting green wouldn’t be damaged by kids or pets playing on it, unlike real grass. We are certified and trained artificial turf installers who know what they’re doing. We are the people to turn to when you are looking for quick and effective services from a reliable company.

To ensure that you can enjoy your putting green for years to come, our team is prepared to help you beyond the installation phase with comprehensive maintenance services. Our team is available whenever you need us for a putting green inspection, patching on broken portions, or designing a more challenging putting green layout.

Commercial property owners can also use our services! Don’t hesitate to call us if you need assistance with your driving range, indoor golf course, or even a mini-putt course.

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