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Pergolas- they give your house and property a royal look without looking royal themselves. Rather, they look very unique. Not too flashy or anything, they are an incredible feature of any garden. So, if your backyard has a garden, pergolas can increase their beauty by multi-folds. In easy words, pergolas are wooden structures that provide shade to sitting areas in gardens.


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Though their designs don’t vary much, their elegance beats any sobriety they offer. However, all the pain and hard work are worth the wait. Because it is this top that is the center of attraction. Building is not an easy task. That’s where we come to your service. Pavers And Turf is the best when it comes to pergolas installations.

Not to mention, they are generally made of wood and are an essential feature of a beautiful garden. Even though their structure is simple, installing them is a challenge. This is primarily because of two reasons. First, they are very huge. Good quality wood is very dense. Hence, it is very difficult to erect such structures. Second, there’s a good amount of engineering involved. These come with support cross-beams and open lattice, so a proper analysis needs to be done before erecting them.

However, all the pain and hard work are worth the wait. Because it is this top that is the center of attraction. Building is not an easy task.

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Our team will prepare the lawn by evening out the surface and making proper drainage before installing the artificial grass. We don’t want water to get trapped beneath the artificial grass mat and ruin the turf. 

Why Should You Choose Us For Pergola Installations In Your Garden?

Pergolas add a touch of elegance to your already naturally beautiful gardens. However, you need a pergola that goes well with the ambiance of the garden. Plus, it should be of great quality too. However, no need to worry. The best Pergola installers and contractors in San Ramon are here. So, if you live in San Ramon, you have hit a jackpot.

The reason we call ourselves the best when it comes to pergola installation is that our clients call us that. We have a long list of satisfied clients with magnificent pergolas installed in their backyards. They speak volumes of our reliability and talent in installing pergolas that go great with the whole look of the property. We are well experienced in selecting the type of wood that will be the best for your backyard. Plus, we, at Pavers And Turf, know exactly how to blend the clients’ desires with the best practical pergola. The results obtained are gorgeous, to say the least. That’s why if you are looking for Pergola installers and contractors in the San Ramon area, you won’t anyone better and with more credentials than us.

What Are Some Of Our Highly Successful And Revered Pergola Designs?

Since we are the gold standards in pergola installations, we have constructed many pergolas for our clients in the past. The best part is that all of them managed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Plus, not to mention, our pergolas are made of high-quality woods, hence they have a very long useful life. Some of the designs include:

  1. Attached and detached solid alumawood patio covers.
  2. Attached is White Alumawood Lattice Pergola
  3. San Ramon Pergola Miter Cut with Standard Posts
  4. Napa Backyard Pergola
  5. San Jose Pergola, Synthetic Grass & Pavers
  6. Mountain House 3” Solid Roof Patio Cover

These are a few of our many successful and beloved pergola installations. These successful installations are a testimony to our trustworthiness when it comes to pergola installations.

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