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When it comes to paving companies our company stands out from the crowd. All of your parking lot demands will be simplified with Pavers And Turf as your paving firm partner, from sealcoating to pavement repairs and line striping.


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Parking lot maintenance will no longer be simply another facility issue to deal with, but rather a well-managed and efficient programme that can be handled quickly and at a low cost.

Pavers And Turf has been in the paving business for decades and is well-known in the city as the best paving contractor. We are able to supply consumers with experienced personnel, excellent goods, and a focus on customers by drawing on our expertise and experience collected over the previous 20 years.

Pavers And Turf is the top provider for all of your Asphalt and concrete Paving requirements. Because of our track record of finishing projects on budget and on time, we can confidently claim to be the best paving business in the locality. 

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We always use high-quality materials and provide the greatest quality labour in a really professional manner. Just ask some of our happy clients!

Our projects

Driveway – When you want a beautiful looking and durable driveway, we are the company you can trust. We have been paving driveways for commercial and residential properties for ages now. Tell us the type of driveway you want to see for your property and we will make sure you get one. Our custom driveway designs complement the overall look of your property and increase the property value.

Parking Lot – We know how to pave the best looking parking lot. If your current parking lot is not doing good, we can repair and redo it. We have trained professionals who know how to pave even the most difficult surfaces with ease. We are your parking lot specialists that you can trust.

Patios – Patios are the place where you spend outdoor time without having to go out of your house. Patios become a hub for evening tea and morning coffee, you can sit around and relax, have family dinner and so much more on patios. If you want your patios to be paved perfectly, let us know. We have creative and unique ideas for your patios that we can discuss with you.

Walkway – Want to pave a walkway for your commercial or residential property? Walkways play a big role in aesthetic and functional property. We know how to pave the right kind of walkways for your property according to your needs.

Types of Paving We Do

Concrete Paving – We install concrete pavement for walkways, parking lots, driveways, patios and more. Concrete is a versatile material, you could use colored decorative concrete to give a unique look to yout pavement. We have concrete professionals who know how to build the sub base for the concrete pavement as well as puring machines that will easily pour concrete and complete the project within time.

Asphalt Paving – Asphalt is one of the most used paving materials. It is easy to resurface and repair. Driveways, and walkways are most commonly paved by asphalt. We have all the necessary equipment and experience to install asphalt pavement for your property. No matter how big or small of a paving project it is, we can provide the perfect paving solution.

Masonry – Masonry gives a rustic feel to your backyard landscape. Masonry patios look the best, they increase the aesthetic appeal and also help in drainage. We instal masonry paving with concrete blocks or natural stones.

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