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Hardscape is a very necessary addition to the outside of your residential property. The name might sound confusing.


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Hardscape, more or less, is the hard-built part of the landscape of your property. Some most common examples include driveways, stairs, walkways, etc. As their name suggests, they are made of hard materials, like concrete, wood, stones, etc. That was the theory part. The main thing is that they are very much necessary for aesthetic reasons.We, at Pavers And Turf, are the leaders in backyard transformation.

However, even more importantly, they are necessary because of their applications. Driveways are necessary to bring your car into your property. Walkways are used to walk. Constructing them has neither been easy nor cheap. These things, as aesthetic and necessary as they are, require a lot of expertise and money in getting built.

Not many firms and developers can take on these tasks. However, we believe that these tasks are made just for us.

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Anything related to your backyard, from setting up artificial grasses to building playgrounds and Bocce Ball courts, we can do anything related to the transformation of your backyard. Let’s have a look at why you should hire us, and only us, for your hardscape job.

We Are The Best Hardscape Developers

When it comes to hardscapes, we are the best hardscape installers and contractors, Dublin, CA. It’s because we are the best. Not only do we have tremendous experience under our belt, but we also know what the best look for your backyard is. Besides this, we know that our clients need quick and reasonably priced solutions. And that’s what we give them.

Look at the list of our satisfied clientele. The list doesn’t seem to end. This is because we take every hardscape project very seriously. Plus we put all of our knowledge and practical experience into this. The result is way beyond our clients’ expectations. Simply saying, they love it. With our hardscape solutions and constructions, the whole look of your property can be changed.

Whether for aesthetic purposes or necessary use, we know the materials that would be perfect in building them. However, the most important thing is yet to be said that will make you rightfully believe that we are the best in this business. Before installing artificial grasses and doing backyard transformation, we used to install concrete. This has helped us earn a fortune of experience in concrete-related tasks, hardscape being one of them.

Not only that, but we are proficient in working in any size of land, whether small or humongous. Besides this, we know very well what material needs to be used in which portion of the whole hardscape project.

What Are The Different Hardscapes We Provide And Have Successfully Built For Our Clients?

There are simply too many to name them. Our concrete installation days have given us an upper hand in hardscape installations. That’s why we are one of the leading hardscape installers and contractors, Dublin, CA. Below are some of the finest hardscape installations that we have given to our clients:

  1. Backyard Makeover in Castro Valley- Pavers and Synthetic Grass
  2. Fun and Safe Play Area in Fremont
  3. Livermore Backyard Remodel
  4. Golden Gate Fields Winner’s Circle
  5. Basalite Permeable Artisan Slate Pavers
  6. Golfer’s Dream Backyard in Alameda
  7. Hillsborough Backyard Synthetic Grass and Putting Green
  8. Belgard Aqua Roc Pavers at El Capitan Elementary School
  9. Attached Solid Patio Cover installed in Livermore, CA.

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