Pavers & Turf – Livermore CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can design hardscaping elements such as walkways and retaining walls to complement your lawn and garden. Among the hardscaping options we offer are:

Pavers – It is possible to build a patio attached to your home or as a separate structure. They offer the perfect setting for parties and cookouts.

Retaining Wall – A retaining wall is a structure for supporting and holding soil on your property. It can create beautiful terraces while also preventing soil erosion.

Pavers – The pavers that make up your walkways, driveways, and more are made of various materials and can function as exterior flooring.

Our landscaping company would be more than happy to discuss your vision, show you some options, and put together an estimate based on the time and materials required for the job. Each project is unique, and we would be more than glad to talk with you about your vision. Get in touch with us today!

It is one of the many benefits of pavers that they are durable. We use high-quality materials and reliable installation techniques to ensure long-term results. If you gather a lot on your pavers, they will last for 50-100 years. In the event one or more of the pieces break, we can easily replace them to restore the look of your outdoor living space.

When properly installed, paving stones fit tightly together to provide a uniform surface that does not hinder plows, snowblowers, or shovels.

Weeds grow from wind-blown seeds that fall on pavers and germinate in joints. They do not grow upward from below, so landscape fabric or plastic sheeting can be avoided. Weeds can be removed manually or using a biodegradable herbicide. Using sealers or sand binders can prevent weed growth.

Pavers are a great choice for sustainable hardscaping since they allow water to drain, which prevents washout, improves soil health, and allows bacteria living between the stones to remove toxins.

Professional sports fields were the first to use synthetic turf, but newer products are perfect for residential lawns. Homeowners love these products because the lawns look great and they are low-maintenance. The lawns also conserve water.

The turf we provide is perfect for dog runs and is used by many locations and pet boarders. It does not stain, and it drains urine. We can easily clean any mess up with a hose.

Synthetic lawns are completely safe for your family since they are made of non-toxic materials and will not produce pollen. Installing a synthetic lawn can also help eliminate the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, reaching another level of safety.