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Ever heard of Bocce Ball? Well, it is one of the most popular family pastimes you can ever come across. Popular among the elderly, this is the game you can play with anyone regardless of their age in your backyard. However, you need to have a properly made asphalt court to play it. Moreover, it should belong and be properly maintained.


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If you are into Bocce Ball, or are thinking about playing with your family and friends, then you must have the court. However, making a Bocce Ball court is very tricky. 

You need to have the knowledge and expertise in creating a high-quality court. But, having such a court in your backyard can be an expensive affair. In addition, you need to know who to call. But worry no more! That’s where we, Pavers And Turf, come into the picture.

We have earned quite a name for our exemplary services that transform the whole look of your backyard. We have every solution that you can think of regarding your backyard transformation. However, there’s one thing that is common in our solutions.

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All are aesthetic and cater to the client’s needs. You must be wanting to know why it is a good idea to hire us for your bocce ball court.

Why You Should Hire Pavers And Turf For Your Bocce Ball Court?

To play Bocce Ball, you need a long asphalt court of asphalt. Constructing is no child’s play. You need good experience and knowledge in this field to construct a quality court. Plus, it is pretty expensive to construct something like this. Hence, clients need someone that can do the same quality stuff within their budget. That’s where we come into the picture. We are the masters when it comes to Bocce ball court construction in the backyard. We are the best Bocce Ball court installers and contractors, Dublin, CA.

Not only are we known to complete the construction within the given timeframe and budget, but we also do a great job. We never compromise on the quality of materials to be used. On top of that, we have solid experience in constructing these courts since this is one of our specialties. Just ask our satisfied clientele. They will tell you why hiring us for your backyard transformation can be one of your best decisions.

Not to mention, we also provide a high number of choices on the types of Bocce Ball court suitable for you. There’s no one in the market as of now that is so good at transforming your backyard into a Bocce Ball arena. If the idea of a Bocce Ball court adorning your backyard has piqued your interest, then you should have a look at the numerous types of courts we offer our clients.

What Are The Different Bocce Ball Courts We Offer?

There’s plenty of courts that we specialize in constructing. After all, we are one of the best Bocce Ball court installers and contractors, Dublin, CA. Keeping in mind our clients’ preferences, we are also very capable of giving the courts a personalized touch. Some of the many classes of courts that we provide are:

  1. Sunnyvale- Hybrid Bocce Ball Court/ Putting Green
  2. 6-Hole Putting Green & Hybrid Bocce Ball Court
  3. Commercial Bocce Court- The Club at WestPark
  4. Fairfield, CA Paradise Valley Estates Commercial Bocce Court
  5. Richmond, CA Bocce Ball Score Board
  6. Livermore Bocce Court With Oyster Shell Flour Surface

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Apart from these, there are yet many other types of successful Bocce Courts that we have constructed for our clients. So, if you want one in your backyard, don’t forget! All you have to do is to call us.