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A backyard putting green is an excellent option for golf enthusiasts or for practicing golf shots at home. In Milpitas, we have built putting greens since nearly 30 years ago.


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You can have a putting green installed at your Milpitas property with the help of our developers. Take advantage of your immaculately maintained backyard putting green with your putter. Artificial grass is an excellent option for backyard putting greens because it is affordable. In comparison with a natural green, synthetic greens might not require as much maintenance.

With the installation of putting greens, mini golf courses and backyards can become family retreats. Professionals as well as homeowners can make use of them. Their maintenance can be a challenge. To keep lawns healthy, they need to be mowed, watered, and fertilized. Artificial turf requires less water than natural turf. Additionally, it is easier to maintain artificial turf. Golfers can practice at home on artificial turf. Synthetic grass can be used in place of natural grass. Our warehouse offers many options for putting.

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By installing a putting green in your backyard, you can improve your golf skills and increase the value of your home. Artificial grass, the best golf course surface available on the market today, can be found at affordable prices from us.

There is a possibility of converting a residential setting into a putting green that offers an experience similar to a real putting green. Whatever room you have, whether it’s your basement, man cave, or backyard, you can turn into a putting green. Rentals are available for both outdoor and indoor greens. According to where it is placed on the green, a taller green pile may be located along the edges, while a shorter one may be in the middle.

Your putting green can be seamlessly integrated into your existing lawn with our golf putting greens. Many homeowners replace their grass with artificial grass because it looks like real grass. A wide range of terrain types can be installed by our highly trained and experienced experts. Putting greens can be built in any size. If you do it right the first time, maintaining the putting greens is relatively easy. We are responsible for doing so.

Putting greens can be installed in your backyard by Pavers and Turf. You can choose from our high-quality artificial grass. An example of such turf would be that which looks natural and can resist extreme weather. When this turf is installed correctly, the final results are spectacular. Your outdoor space will become more usable while increasing the value of your home. Pets and children can use putting greens as well. Pets and children cannot damage the artificial grass. Our installers are certified to install it. If you’re looking for fast and dependable service from a reputable company, you can count on us.

In order for you to enjoy your putting green for a long time, we offer comprehensive maintenance services after installation. Your putting green can be designed intricately to create a challenging layout, repaired if necessary, or inspected by our team.

Commercial property owners can also take advantage of our services! For more information, call us today. You can play golf, putt putt, and drive at the driving range on the property.

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When our representative visits your golf course, they will assess the work that needs to be done and provide suggestions for repairing, refurbishing, or restoring damaged greens.