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A backyard putting green can be beneficial to golf enthusiasts, as well as to anyone who would like to practice their shots. Pavers and Turf has been an industry leader for more than 30 years.


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Installing a putting green on your Fremont property is possible with our property developers. If you pick up your putter, you can enjoy your backyard putting green that is perfectly maintained. The affordability of our artificial grass putting greens makes them perfect for your backyard. The maintenance associated with sod putting greens would not be necessary with artificial putting greens.

Installing putting greens at mini golf courses or in the backyard can help families create family retreats. Professionals and homeowners can both enjoy putting greens. Regular green maintenance is challenging. Mowing, watering, and fertilizing lawns are necessary to keep them healthy. In addition to using less water, an artificial turf putting green is more environmentally friendly. It is also easier to maintain. A golfer can practice on a synthetic putt green at home. Real grass can be imitated with synthetic grass. We display all of the putting options available in our warehouse.

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It will improve your golf skills and increase the value of your home if you install a putting green in your backyard. As well as affordable greens, we also offer artificial grass, the best golf course surface on the market.

It is possible to create a putting green that provides a similar experience to a real putting green in a residential setting. Putt greens can be built in any room in or near your house, whether it’s your basement, man cave, or backyard. The putting greens can be built indoors or outdoors. There is a possibility that green piles along the edge of the green might be taller, while green piles in the center might be shorter.

Integrate your golf putting green seamlessly into your existing lawn with our golf putting greens. Many customers choose synthetic turf when replacing a lawn because it resembles real grass. Our team of experts with extensive training and experience can install a wide range of terrains. Putting greens can be installed in any size. When done correctly the first time, they require little maintenance. Let’s take care of it.

Pavers And Turf can install putting greens in your backyard. We provide artificial grass that is of excellent quality. Artificial turf that looks natural and can withstand extreme weather conditions is what we manufacture. Our team installs the ground efficiently, and the end result looks outstanding. Enjoy the outdoors and increase your property’s value. Golfers, as well as children and pets, can use a putting green. Children and pets cannot damage artificial grass. Our installation services are certified. You can count on us for quick and reliable service if you are looking for a reputable company.

In order to ensure long-term enjoyment of your putting green, we provide comprehensive maintenance services after installation. Whether you want us to inspect your putting green, fix damaged areas, or create a more challenging layout, our team is always available.

Our services are also available to owners of commercial properties! Contact us for any of your requirements. Driving ranges, golf courses, and mini-putt courses are available.

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Upon assessment of the damages, a representative from our company makes recommendations for their repair, reconstruction, or refurbishment.