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About Us

We work with trained professionals who can install pavements, install artificial grass to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property and install pergolas. The right kind of pavement can completely change the look of your property, and artificial grass makes your property look green and vibrant. Our team uses the best quality raw material to do their job. We are one of the best known properties for improving the look of your property by high quality hardscaping options. If you are looking to install pavement, artificial grass or pergola, give us a call today.

Our Services

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Artificial Grass

Do you want to keep your yard looking beautiful without putting any effort on it? Who doesn’t want a green yard? It gives a sense of peace, Commercial and residential properties both want their landscape to be occupied with green grass.

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We install various kinds of pavements such as parking lots, driveways, patios, walkways and more. When you need pavement that stays durable for a long time, and fits your needs, then hire us. We are experts at pavement installation. We have been installing pavements for more than 30 years now.

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Putting Greens

Our team also installs artificial putting greens for large-scale projects. Invest in a professionally designed mini golf course from Pavers and Turf. We have specialized in the installation of residential synthetic grass & putting greens for homeowners in Livermore.

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Patio Covers

All of our covers are made from high quality products that can withstand windy conditions. We can also customize them. We take pride in the quality of our products and guarantee that our patio covers will never rust, warp, or crack



We have a wide selection of pergolas that we can offer our clients. Due to the unique needs of each client, we will be happy to provide a custom pergola that will fit your space perfectly.

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We provide paver driveway installation services to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We have been in the driveway design business for decades, so we know what it takes to impress you with a marvelous driveway design.



Hardscape, fire pits, retaining walls, and other landscaping improvements provide you with a return on investment immediately. After we complete a project, the value of your home will increase significantly. The quality of your life will also improve, and this is priceless.

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Bocce Ball Courts

Indoor and outdoor Bocce ball courts can be installed and repaired by our experts for private residences and commercial buildings. They will complete everything from preparing the area, painting the court, installing equipment, to providing quality repairs.

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Our team can design and build walkways throughout your landscape, letting you enjoy the joy your backyard can bring. Using all the elements of design, color, contrast, and balance, we create a visual spectacle that you will enjoy and be proud of.


Childrens Playgrounds

We build custom designed play structures that are affordable, safe, and all-inclusive. Our passion is in design, quality construction, and community build - a tradition of playground consultants and community volunteers building playground structures together.


Dog Runs

We will customize a solution for each pet application depending on your and your dog’s needs. Families and dogs who have hired us for turf installation are always pleased with their decision.

Other Services We Provide

Pool Decks – Pool decks can be made of concrete, tile or wood. The right type of pool deck can completely change the look of your pool. For example, wooden pool decks look elegant, and tile pool decks are more practical. We could also install concrete pool decks with decorative pools. If you want the pool deck to look a certain way, let us know. Our people will install the pool deck exactly like you want it to be.

Front Yards And Backyards – If you want us to do your front and backyard, let us know. We install hard-scape and softscape features in the front and backyard. We do specialize in artificial grass, pergola installation, pavement installation such as a garden walkway, etc.The right landscaping can increase the property value and make you fall in love with your house. Talk to our expert to build a design to improve the look of your front and backyard.

Walls – We can install retaining walls, security walls, walls for commercial property, and other types of commercial walls. We are experts at concrete structure builds for commercial and residential property. Give us a call when you need walls built for your property.

Backyard Putting Greens – Pavers And Turf carefully designs each golfing green to match your backyard location in Pleasanton, CA, and provides a competent, turnkey installation. While we develop your backyard golfing green, we can simply give you extensive refurbishment options. When you choose Pavers And Turf to create your golf green, you can be confident that you will receive the best service available. We are convinced that you will like your personalized golfing green. It will surely make your golfing buddies jealous.

Commercial Install – We do all kinds of commercial installments such as making concrete structures for large stadiums like football and soccer, bocce ball courts. We can install driveways, provide hardscaping, pave paths, walkways, pour artificial turf to playgrounds, dog runs, batting cages, rooftop decks, rooftop grass, and airports. We are concrete experts. If you need commercial concrete installed, our team will be more than happy to help.

Why Choose Us?

We set the bar high and then go above and beyond. We set the bar for the landscaping business by providing advanced training and career possibilities for our employees. One of our top focuses is to provide superior landscape management and maintenance services to our clients.

We accomplish this by providing properly trained personnel and a comprehensive list of high-quality landscape enhancement services. Each member of the team has received training that exceeds industry standards. When it comes to training our employees for the field, we go above and above to set a standard of quality that is unrivalled by our competition.

About Livermore, CA

Livermore is a city in Alameda County, California, United States. With a 2020 population of 87,955, Livermore is the most populous city in the Tri-Valley. It is located on the eastern edge of California’s San Francisco Bay Area. The current mayor is Bob Woerner. Livermore was platted and registered on November 4, 1869, as a railroad town by William Martin Mendenhall [Wikidata] and named for Robert Livermore, his friend and a local rancher who settled in the area in the 1840s. It is the home of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, for which the chemical element livermorium is named (and thus, placing the city’s name in the periodic table). It is also the California site of Sandia National Laboratories, which is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can design hardscaping elements such as walkways and retaining walls to complement your lawn and garden. Among the hardscaping options we offer are:

Pavers – It is possible to build a patio attached to your home or as a separate structure. They offer the perfect setting for parties and cookouts.

Retaining Wall – A retaining wall is a structure for supporting and holding soil on your property. It can create beautiful terraces while also preventing soil erosion.

Pavers – The pavers that make up your walkways, driveways, and more are made of various materials and can function as exterior flooring.

Pavers are a great choice for sustainable hardscaping since they allow water to drain, which prevents washout, improves soil health, and allows bacteria living between the stones to remove toxins.

Synthetic lawns are completely safe for your family since they are made of non-toxic materials and will not produce pollen. Installing a synthetic lawn can also help eliminate the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, reaching another level of safety.

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